TGRT Haber (TGRT News) was established in 2004 by Dr. Enver Oren, Ihlas Holding's Chairman of the Board. Furthermore, Ihlas Holding's CEO Ahmet Mucahid Oren, worked on coordinating this project for almost a year.  Its mother station, TGRT's nightly newscasts were becoming so popular that Ihlas Media Group decided to produce a 24-hour news only spin off channel - TGRT Haber.

TGRT Haber's motto is "News And Nothing But News". True to its motto, TGRT Haber offers accurate, objective and timely reports around the clock. The channel's responsible editorial policy is one of the main reasons why viewers immediately embraced it as a primary source of information.  TGRT Haber is supported by Ihlas News Agency (IHA), another Ihlas Media Group company. IHA enables TGRT Haber to have live breaking coverage from all of the world's hotspots.

TGRT Haber modeled its format after that of the American news giant, Fox TV. Its programming format is as follows: morning 9:00-12:00, afternoon 1:00-7:00, and evening 8:00-10:00. TGRT News is available live 24 hours a day on both local cable and on the Digiturk platform. Of the approximate 22 million people who watch news each day in Turkey 10 million watch TGRT Haber.

TGRT Haber feels that it is their job to provide news and inform people. This channel is different from many channels in Turkey, because it has stuck to a news only base and has not implemented any tabloid type shows. It is TGRT Haber's goal to become the largest news channel in turkey and to grow more each day. While improving, TGRT Haber will not change its objectives and it will remain truthful as always.